Harry Joles Painting


Harry Joles Painting is a second generation company. Harry Joles Sr. started the company 50 years ago in Boyceville, WI, where we are still located. At that time the current owner Harry Joles Jr. was co-partner at eleven years old.

Many of our clients are also second generation, a fact that our company is very proud of. Our motto-if we can work for you once, you become a preferred customer that we work very hard to keep.

Harry Joles Painting started out during the time of family farming so barns and homes were the emphasis of the business. During the eighties commercial painting allowed the company to expand into all areas of the painting business.

While barns, houses and other residential business allows the company to be well diversified, Harry Joles Painting is also involved in preparation and painting of industrial tanks, large retail stores, complete manufacturing and food grade plants, both interior and exterior.